Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Four months in the making

Well....Here is an update.
October....I don't remember anything except Trick or Treating in a Thai gown with a pack of foreign children who had NO idea why they were taking candy from people. Such a good time.
November....We had a friend thanksgiving celebration. It was the best. So many peeling potatoes until we passed out.

December....I had an enjoyable holiday season. Early on in December Danny and I took a roadtrip to Arizona to pick my little sister up from basketball camp. We can't officially call it a road trip to phoenix because we spent a total of one hour in phoenix. I got some sweet jewelry from the Navajo reservation and now all I ever want to do it go buy more jewelry from them. On Christmas Eve I headed to Hawaii to spend it with my family. I was only there six days but I had a good time. The big house was completely packed and I was shunned into the little house. I like the small house, however I was attacked by a centipede the size of a horse. I will NEVER look at that house the same. Because of all the "change in altitude" I developed a sinus infection. Probably the second sickest I have ever been in my life. It was miserable

January...I Moved to Holladay and started school at the U. Its an interesting place in that it is completely normal. Before I came up I heard horror stories of hard classes and overly liberal teachers but I haven't found any of that to be true. I really enjoy living in Salt Lake for a few reasons A.) People don't wonder whats wrong with me for not being married. B.) GLORIOUS GLORIOUS living situation. No marathon runners upstairs and no roommates mothers sleeping over. We've got a really great singles ward. That is a sentence I never thought I would say. But it's true. C.) The Bus. I take the bus to and from campus. It takes a good half hour from 45th so I have a lot of time for people watching. So many jems to be had in this booming metropolis.
Now...I am just looking for employment and going to school. There's not a whole lot more to say than that. Until I get myself some income I will be taking part in medical studies and selling my things on the internet.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Now that I'm 22......

It's true. I turned 22 this month, or I guess last month. September at any rate. I was talking to Danny(also turned 22 is sept) and we agreed that there is not a better month to be born in. There just isn't. So this blog is dedicated to the month of September. I'm ashamed to admit but I fall into that whole zodiac astrology nightmare on occasion.

Virgo in a Nutshell:

"Virgo exists in the mind, everything is inside. To the world, Virgo presents a calm and collected exterior but on the inside, nervous uncontrolled intensity in the mind, trying to figure things out, how to improve everything, analyzing and thinking. Virgo can tire itself out without even moving! Virgo has a constant drive to improve and perfect, this can lead to extreme pickiness and finickiest. They are pure, their motives are honest never malicious and they want to accomplish something"

I just thought that would be fun. True or not, I actually agree with this description. I guess I am a little intense at times. It is fine. Uh. well for my birthday we went to the Utah state Fair. The real party started the following Saturday when we went to the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake. In case you don't know, I just like birds. They are the best. We also attended an Indian festival in Spanish Fork. It was a way good time.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Foreigners make things a million times better.

Hello all of you. ALL. Let me just say that it is the final week of school and it will be the best when it is over and I can go back to doing nothing. Actually that is a lie. I've learned my lesson about boredom. Moving right along. Last Friday Brian and I took the Bibiannas (Burma family) to the ZOO! It was the best. The day started out by us deciding it was a good idea to only take one car. There are 6 of the Bibiannas and two of us and my car seats 5 we put a car seat in there for Rosa. So I almost got arrested. And Moo Moo kept taking the baby out of the car seat and setting her on her lap. I was having a panic attack. Anyway. The Zoo itself was a good time. We rented one of those obnoxious children wagons ...mostly for my bag but conveniently it fit the 3 youngest too. It was 5 million degrees and by time that 3 hours was over, I was beat. But the babies loved the animals and I really did too. We got up the grill of a rhino and he reappeared in my dream last night in the form of a monster. The worst.
Saturday I did some yard work at the new salt lake bachelor pad that i'm never invited to. I thought I should put this lurpy arm picture on here for good measure. I don't know what I mean either.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've decided since I can't seem to maintain this blog at a normal rate that this posting shall be getting people up to speed on what's been going down in my life. Eventually I will master devoting one post to one event but it's just hard.
So first of all, I have to tell you all about the books that I have been reading.

A. Finding George Orwell in Burma. It's about this girl who goes to Burma and talks to all these people about what's going on in Burma and the whole times makes connections to the works of George Orwell (who spent years there in the military). It's way interesting and hopefully will enhance my first attempt at 1984 (Next book on my list) I've been loving me some Myanmar ever since the refuge totts have entered my life. For those of you who aren't aware Catholic community services of salt lake has this program that lets you help all these people coming from crazy parts of the world assimilate to American life. Although I am not directly affiliated with the program my estranged friend Brian Corry introduced me to this family. They are the best thing ever. First there is Moo Moo (the mom) and she and I have a crush on each other. She is the best. Then there is Puh ta ou and he is 15 and has such a good attitude and loves practicing his's still shaky but he gets better every time I talk to him. Then there is pet ah roo, he is really quiet and the only one I haven't connected with. I'll keep you updated on our status. Next in line is Simo. I'm particularly proud of Simo just because him and I are soul sisters. He is the age of children I'm used to dealing with so things work out good. Next there is Pee oo. He is the cutest little thing and I just can't get enough of him. Then last is Moo Moo's only girl, baby Rosa. She is 18 months and seriously loves life. She is always running around their west valley neighborhood by herself and it freaks me out.

B. Falling Leaves. I guess I love Asia. I'm only a hundred and six pages into this one but it has not disappointed me. It's mostly about this little Chinese girl living in a crazy house and experiencing all these out of control situations. That description just doesn't do it justice so here is what the inspirational quote from the back of the book says
" Brilliant, compelling, and unforgettable. A heartrending modern-day Cinderella story set against the turbulence of twentieth-century China. Autobiography at its best." -Nien Chang
Side note: About a month ago, I went to a screening of a documentary in Salt Lake called China's Lost Children. I found out from my Dad that it is now playing on TV ( I think HBO) so keep your eyes open for it. It made me freak out. China loves selling and stealing kids. They love it. It is their favorite.
Like I said before...I'm going to be reading 1984 as soon as my China book is over and I just am excited. Ya know...A classic.
Other Recent Activities:
Mostly I have just been trying to finish up the summer semester. I'm taking Math 1040, Race and Minority Relations, and British Literature. I love my stupid major so much more than anything else. I also have really enjoyed summer school. I went last year too and it really is just the best. I'm kind of dreading the Fall semester because all the weirdo creeps find their way back into the "halls" of "UVU". I get what I deserve I guess. And you may be asking yourself "where is Amy living in the fall?"...the answer....I don't know. I realize I have to move out of the luxurious Branbury in T minus twenty five days but it's just hard to commit to another year in Provo. I mean I know I'm going's just hard.
The Following video is from Dereks Fairwell party. We went to dinner at Indian Palace in Provo and had a really good time. He is moving to Arizona to be a police man and I thought it appropriate to show his talent off to the world.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Apparently...I've been "tagged"

Well, due to Cat tagging me in her blog, I now feel morally obligated to update my blog and complete the survey that she has requested. It still doesn't make any sense to me either.....
3 Joys:

1. Being in a foreign country and trying to blend in as a native. Sometimes even when I am in a country that a good amount of the population speaks english I will try and get around without letting anyone know I'm not a local.
2. Taking care of my plants. I currently have 3 plants and have become strangely attached to making sure they are doing ok.
3. Organizing closets.

3 fears:

1. Having to walk up stairs that rise more than one floor. AKA: Heights. Last semester I took a class that was on the seventh floor of the Computer science building and I had to take the elevator with all the old people. It was embarrassing.
2. Unlocked front doors. And considering my parents STILL don't lock their front door ever, it's strange that I've become so worried about this.

3 goals:

1. Get out of the country before the end of the summer.

2. Finish reading all the books that I've started and not completed.

3. Write on my blog more. Sorry I'm such a slacker.

3 current obsessions

1. OPI "Monsooner or later" colored nail polish
2. Caladryl...a ghost from the past. And very vintage.
3. 'Grapevine Fires' by Deathcab for Cutie. Take a look at these lyrics for a tasty treat.

****When the wind picked up the fire spread and the grapevine scene left for dead. And the northern sky looked like the end of days, the end of days. A wake up call to a rented room Sounded like an alarm of impending doom. To warn us it's only a matter of time. Before we all burn before we all burn before we all burn before we all burn. We bought some wine and some paper cups near your daughter's school when we picked her up and drove to a cemetery on a hill, on a hill. And we watched the plumes paint the sky gray as she laughed and danced through the field of grapes there i knew it would be alright that everything would be alright, would be alright would be alright would be alright. And the news reports on the radio said it was getting worse as the ocean air fanned the flames. But i couldn't think of anywhere i would have rather been to watch it all burn away, to burn away. The firemen worked in double shifts, with prayers for rain on their lips, and they knew it was only a matter of time.

3 suprising facts:

1. I never ever ever want to go anywhere near the caribbean.
2. **For those of you who know me as a devoted Dr. Pepper addict, brace yourselves** Lately I have been enjoying Diet coke. ALOT.
3. I am a Spongebob Squarepants fan. I'm sorry universe. and maturity.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The "Universal" spice concept

This post may confuse you. Obviously I feel passionate enough about it to write it down. So listen to my theory. Actually let me ask you a question. Sometimes when you go to the same restuarant enough, do you feel like all the food starts tasting the exact same? The prime example of this for me is Chili's. I've been to chili's countless times yet I can never remember what I order. The reason for this is because they use the same seasoning in everything they make. The eggrolls, the beefsteak, the dessert, I don't care what it is, it will leave you feeling like you stuffed yourself full of chili paste. Maybe thats where they got the name. I don't know. I would appriciate some back up on this since the only person in this world who agrees with me is Cat and she hates all food.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It Stung Like a Violent Wind that our Memories Depend on a Faulty Camera in our Minds

Well. Hello again everyone. I'm happy to say that I am back in the blogging scene. For those of you who don't know, during my 2006 travels I kept a humble blog about my adventures abroad. Feel free to visit anytime:

But more importantly, I'm excited for this blog because instead of having to walk a mile (uphill both ways),in the freezing cold/blistering heat, pay 125 rubles/6 pounds an hour, and then have the computer break just when I was about to post something, I can now blog in the comfort of my home. Or at UVSC until the geniuses at PC laptops fix my computer (current time without a computer: 1 month 9 days). I also will have a bit more time on my hands because I recently found myself quitting my glamorous retail lifestyle at the Buckle and am currently unemployed. So this really just works out perfect. Instead of contributing to a functioning society, I will be writing down my deepest darkest beliefs so I can confuse society even more. GET IT. Yaya mek. And just to clear things up about the title of this blog. 'I can hear the Atlantic echo back' is nothing except a remarkable phrase I found written on a bathroom stall at a cafe in Seattle. You will find that I like meaningless things that are probably very meaningful to someone I've never met before. Someone out there doesn't even know the legacy they left behind in that women’s rest room.